Welcome to Virtual Power Lab

(Posted by Prof D.K.Chaturvedi on Sept.10, 2010 )

Electrical machines and power system are the back bone of electrical engineering and play a vital role in industry. It is therefore essential that students of Electrical Engineering should have a proper background in these areas.
It is observed that the students do not take much interest in the laboratory. Hence, the necessity is felt to explain the concepts of electrical machines with suitable programs besides the theory and practice. This will provide better understanding of the subject.

Goal of the Virtual Power Lab

To develop virtual machines and power laboratory to facilitate the students to work with their own convenience and easily understand the practical concepts. Also it helps in generating the interest in students' community to get better insight about the subjects related to machines and power systems.

Lab work is very important to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical work. The motto of the laboratory work is to learn here and earn outside.

Students always have fear while working experimentally in the laboratories. Especially in electrical engineering labs like machines lab where the voltage level is generally 230 V or 415 V at 50 Hz, which may cause a serious shock or sometimes cause death also. Hence, there is a need to follow certain precautions to work safely in the lab. While working in lab, one must properly be isolated from ground (i.e. wear proper shoes), so that there is no chance of flowing the leakage current through the body.